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Standard formats

File Standard File Systems – File and Folders
Text Plain text file
XML eXtensible Markup Language

Archive Files

GZ GNU Zip compressed file
JAR Java ARchive
TAR Tape Archive file
TGZ Tape Archive file compressed with GNU Zip
ZIP ZIP Compressed file

Protocol Clients

FTP File Transfer Protocol client
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol client
HTTP/OData Open Data Protocol version 2 – OData client
HTTP/Swift OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) client

Scientific and Geographical Standard Formats

DIGEST The DIgital Geographic Exchange STandard
DIMAP Digital Image MAP
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data standard
FITS Flexible Image Transport System
GeoConcept GeoConcept format
HDF Hierarchical Data Format (version 4 and 5)
KLV Key-Length-Value
netCDF network Common Data Form
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NSIF NATO Secondary Imagery Format
RPF Raster product format
SAFE Standard Archive Format for Europe
SDF Structured Data File
SHAPE ESRI Shape file format
STANAG 7023 NATO STANAG 7023 standard
VMAP/VPF Vector Map and Vector Product formats
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
WORLD World Files (TFW and PGW)

Image Standard Formats

BMP Windows bitmap
DNG 1.0 Digital Negative (TIFF 6.0 format extension)
GeoTIFF Geographic Tagged Image File Format
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
JGW Joint Photographic Experts Group World File
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPEG2000 Joint Photographic Experts Group of year 2000
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNM Portable Any Map (PBM, PGM, and PPM formats)
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TFW TIFF Word file

Earth observation formats

ALOS AVNIR-2 products in CEOS format, in SIP/GeoTIFF format
CEOS Generic CEOS CCB-CCT-002 Superstructure Format
COSMO-Skymed COSMO-Skymed Standard products (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D)
DigitalGlobe DigitalGlobe (QuickBird and WorldView-1) products, including PVL support
DMC DMC series including support of SIP browsing
ENVISAT ENVISAT – All sensors, all product levels including auxiliary
EROS-B ImageSat EROS-B Formats including metadata decoding
ERS ERS products formatted in CEOS format, in ENVISAT format
FAST FAST Format (Landsat, IRS)
GeoEye GeoEye (Ikonos-2 and GeoEye-1) products, including RPC and shape files
LANDSAT CEOS LANDSAT 5/7 Products in CEOS Format
LANDSAT USGS LANDSAT Products in GeoTIFF Format, including MTL files
LANDSAT-8 GeoTIFF LANDSAT 8 Products in GeoTIFF Format, including MTL files
PLEIADES Pleiades Products in Dimap V1 and V2 format
RADARSAT Radarsat Products in CEOS Format
RADARSAT-2 Radarsat Products in TIFF Format
RapidEye Rapideye in GeoTIFF and NITF formats
Sentinel-1 Sentinel-1 series products
Sentinel-2 Sentinel-2 series products
Sentinel-3 Sentinel-3 products
SPOT SPOT satellite series in DIMAP, CEOS CRIS/SISA and CAP formats
TerraSAR-X All types including COSAR images
VEGETATION Vegetation products