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DigitalGlobe Addon

DigitalGlobe (QuickBird and WorldView-1) products, including PVL support

Quickbird 2 was an American, privately owned (DigitalGlobe) Earth-imaging satellite that was launched by a Delta 2 rocket from Vandenberg AFB at 18:51 UT on 18 October 2001. It became operational after a few months of calibration and “ground-truth” checkouts to market high-resolution images. The 1.0 tonne satellite was capable of panchromatic images with a resolution of 0.61m and multispectral images of 2.4 m resolution. The last image was acquired 17 December 2014, somewhat more than a month prior to its re-entry. (Quickbird 1 failed one day after its lauch).
WorldView 1 is an American (commercial) imaging craft that was launched by a Delta 2 rocket from Vandenberg AFB at 18:35 UT on 18 September 2007. The 2.5 tonne craft carries a camera to provide 0.5 m resolution panchromatic images and two meter resolution multicolor images. The American government (National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA)), will be among the primary customers. (There are 3 more WorldView platforms).
This addon allows to open Digital Globe (QuickBird and WorldView) products and easily read/extract values from them.
This includes:

  • PVL file
  • Image Metadata file
  • XML file
  • Image Tiles file
  • RPC file
  • Geometric Calibration file
  • Attitude file
  • Ephemeris file
  • Imagery file

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