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Digital Image MAP

Dimap is mainly a metadata format designed by Spot Image, Satellus and CNES (the French National Space Agency) to document digital imagemaps. It was designed taking into account the early experiences of GIS-Geospot and GIS-Image. Dimap stands for Digital Image Map.
Dimap metadata part allows to properly describe a dataset which contains geographic information representing a digital map. Namely, metadata describes in details, in a standard way, all the characteristics of the dataset. The Dimap set of metadata is specifically tailored to image (raster) description, it also contains a few tags for vector types of data.
Dimap is an open initiative of its creators. No Trade Mark nor Brand name has been registered, anyone can use Dimap for its own purposes. Moreover, the XML implementation leaves the possibility to add some new tags without disrupting other parsers. Anyone can contribute and make proposals for evolutions, provided they show the interest of the additions and can fully document it.
By adopting GeoTIFF as the primary image layer and XML to describe metadata, any basic internet browser may be used to access and view Dimap databases.

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