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ERS Addon

ERS products formatted in CEOS format, in ENVISAT format

The first European Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS 1) was a major element of the European Earth Observation Program covering a number of disciplines including meteorology, climatology, oceanography, land resource inventory and monitoring, geodesy and geodynamics. The objectives of ERS 1 were primarily oriented towards ice and ocean monitoring with all-weather high resolution active microwave imaging over land and coastal areas.
ERS 2 was an ESA earth resources spacecraft launched by an Ariane rocket from the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana. The 2,516 kg spacecraft carried a synthetic aperture radar for topographic studies, a wide beam radar (both in the C-band), a radar altimeter for measuring ocean surface and waves, a radiometer for measuring ocean surface temperatures, and an optical Global Ozone Monitor (GOME) that will monitor ozone and ozone-destroying gases and carried reflectors for laser tracking. It has a 6.5 gigabit tape recorder to record data from a full orbit.
This addon allows to open ERS products (formatted in CEOS format, in ENVISAT format) and easily read/extract values from them.
List of supported products:

  • ERS SAR (in ENVISAT Format (IM, IMM, IMG, IMP and IMS))

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Reference documents
ERS Ground Stations Products specification
MDPS Systems: Transcribed Data Format on DLT
CEOS Guidelines on Standard Formats and Data Description Langages