Addon: RapidEye

RapidEye Addon

Rapideye in GeoTIFF and NITF formats

RapidEye-A, RapidEye-B, RapidEye-C, RapidEye-D, and RapidEye-E, are the first five mini-satellites of the German RapidEye AG corporation that were launched by a Dnepr rocket from Baikonur at 07:16 UT on 29 August 2008.
This addon allows to open RapidEye products and easily read/extract values from them.
List of supported products:

  • 1B
  • 3A

List of supported files:

  • NITF Band File
  • TIFF Image File
  • Browse File
  • Product Metadata File
  • Product UDM File

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