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SAFE Addon

Standard Archive Format for Europe, Version 1.3

This document provides the specifications of the Standard Archive Format for Europe ( SAFE ) developed by the European Space Agency in the framework of its Earth Observation ground segment activities.
SAFE is designed to act as a standard format for archiving and conveying data within the European Space Agency (ESA) Earth Observation archiving facilities and potentially with the cooperating agencies. As such, SAFE benefits from the experience gathered during the several developments of currently operational archiving standards. SAFE intends to cope with the major constraints required for the packaging and the long-term preservation of Earth Observation data. A special attention has been paid to fit the Open Archive Information System (OAIS) reference model [OAIS-RM] and related standard of the CCSDS such as the emerging [XFDU] packaging format.

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Reference documents
SAFE 1.3 Control Book – Volume 1 – Core Specifications
SAFE 1.3 Control Book – Volume 2 – Recommendation for Specializations
SAFE 1.3 Primer