Addon: SPOT

SPOT Addon

SPOT satellite series in DIMAP, CEOS CRIS/SISA and CAP formats

Conceived by CNES, the SPOT program orbited 5 satellites from 1986 to 2015, revealing Earth’s surface in increasing detail and paving the way for a plethora of applications including mapping, vegetation monitoring, land use and land cover, and the impacts of natural disasters.
This addon allows to open SPOT products and easily read/extract values from them.
List of supported items:

  • DIMAP Product
  • Scene 1A
  • Scene 1B
  • Scene HRS 1A
  • Scene HRG 1A
  • Scene HRS 1B
  • Scene HRG 1B
  • Scene HRS 2A
  • Scene HRG 2A
  • Segment 1A
  • Segment 1B
  • DIMAP Image file
  • CEOS Product
  • CEOS Volume Directory File
  • CEOS Leader File
  • CEOS Imagery File
  • CEOS Trailer File
  • CEOS Null File
  • CEOS HRV Product
  • CEOS HRV 0 Product
  • CEOS HRV 1A Product
  • CEOS HRV 1B Product
  • CEOS HRV 2A Product
  • CEOS HRVIR Product
  • CEOS HRVIR 0 Product
  • CEOS HRVIR 1A Product
  • CEOS HRVIR 1B Product
  • CEOS HRVIR 2A Product

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Reference documents
The SPOT Scene Standard Digital Product Format
Dimap Dictionary SPOT Scene profile Version 1.1.2
Schema: SPOT Scene