Addon: TerraSAR-X

TerraSAR-X Addon

TerraSAR-X products: All types including COSAR images

TerraSAR-X is a German (DLR) Synthetic Aperture Radar that was launched by a Dnepr rocket from Baikonur at 02:14 UT on 15 June 2007. It will map the Earth and oceans at a rate of one million square-km/day, provide scientific data such as sea ice coverage, vegetation/crop estimates, and military reconnaissance information, all at 1.0 m resolution.
This addon allows to open TerraSAR-X products and easily read/extract values from them.
List of supported items:

  • Image Directory
  • SSC Projection
  • MGD Projection
  • GEC Projection
  • EEC Projection
  • Stripmap Product
  • Stripmap SSC Product
  • Stripmap MGD Product
  • Stripmap GEC Product
  • Stripmap EEC Product
  • Spotlight Product
  • Spotlight SSC Product
  • Spotlight MGD Product
  • Spotlight GEC
  • Spotlight EEC Product
  • High Resolution Spotlight Product
  • High Resolution Spotlight SSC Product
  • High Resolution Spotlight MGD Product
  • High Resolution Spotlight GEC Product
  • High Resolution Spotlight EEC Product
  • ScanSAR Product
  • ScanSAR SSC Product
  • ScanSAR MGD Product
  • ScanSAR GEC Product
  • ScanSAR EEC Product
  • Main Annotation File
  • Product Component
  • Georeference Grid
  • SAR Layer
  • HH SAR Layer
  • VV SAR Layer
  • HV SAR Layer
  • VH SAR Layer
  • Complex SAR Image File
  • Complex SAR Layer
  • HH Complex SAR Layer
  • VV Complex SAR Layer
  • HV Complex SAR Layer
  • VH Complex SAR
  • Browse Image
  • Quicklook Image
  • Composite Quicklook Image
  • Map Plot
  • Mapping Grid
  • DEM Map
  • Geocoded Incidence Angle Mask
  • Administrative Parameter Files

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Software Releases

Reference Data
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Reference documents
TerraSAR-X Science Plan
TerraSAR-X Ground Segment Basic Product Specification Document
TerraSAR-X Ground Segment Level 1b Product Format Specification