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ONDA and DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) Overview

ONDA is a platform enabling users to host data and to build their applications in the Cloud.
ONDA achieve this by fostering the exploitation of the freely available Earth Observation satellites Data and geospatial Information and by providing Access to Services for the development of new solutions.

In order to facilitate the use of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information, ONDA provides the added values of:

  • full availability of all Copernicus data
  • customisable solutions for diverse requirements and levels of expertise
  • innovative data access technology (ENS, see below) allowing users to easily extract only the needed product information

ONDA do this by offering free solutions to all users for easily accessing, downloading and processing a wealth of data and information as well as fee-based services that benefit from the performance of our Cloud environment.

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ENS (Elastic Node Server) Overview

Elastic Node Server (ENS) is an Open Source software providing a simple and scalable front-end to one or more Data Storages for use with client Computing Instances. Elastic Node Server (ENS) extends traditional File or Object Storages by exposing not only standard Directories and Files but breaking them down further in a logical tree of Nodes up to the tiniest piece of information. ENS Nodes can be located, queried and accessed semantically via their names disregarding their physical formats and locations.

Once mounted on Computing Instances, Elastic Node Server (ENS) takes charge of the complexity of Files opening, format discovery, public or private library linking and any required data access engineering skill to finally expose the resulting unified tree of Nodes through standard and well known interfaces as the Network File System (NFS), probably the most wildly used distributed file system, the Common Internet File System (SMB/CIFS), an equivalent for Microsoft clients, or the OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). As such, a bare standard Operating System running modern or legacy software written in whatever language can access the content of a large variety of File formats without any a priori knowledge of their specifications and without linking any software library specific to the accessed data.

Elastic Node Server (ENS) enables unprecedented use cases including extracting data from ZIP, XML, HDF or even binary telemetry data up to the slightest bit from a Shell script, a FORTAN application, Java, C/C++, C#, Word/Excell VBA, etc. without linking or installing anything!

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ENS Virtual paths (Virtual path to products)

The backend storage contains millions of products. It cannot be believable to display the entire list of products to the end-user via ENS interface into a unique directory container.
The ENS solution is to spread products into directories hierarchy based on the anticipated usages of the end-users.
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The complete list of virtual paths for each addon is provided in section below.

ONDA/DIAS Metadata

Each product of ONDA/DIAS service is decribed by a set of metadata (acquision platform name, times, sensor mode, etc.) These metadata follow the HMA/OGC standard (see http://docs.opengeospatial.org/is/10-157r4/10-157r4.html).

The complete list of metadata for each addon is provided in following section.

List of Addons for ONDA/DIAS

ONDA/DIAS supports the following list of addons:

Sentinel-1 Addon
Sentinel-2 Addon
Sentinel-3 Addon
Envisat Addon
Landsat-8 Addon
Copernicus Marine Addon
Copernicus Land Addon
Copernicus Atmosphere Addon