DIAS Metadata: Envisat

DIAS Metadata for Envisat Products

ASAR Level-0: IM, WS

Category: Acquisition

  • Begin position (beginPosition) – text/date+iso8601
    Acquisition start date time, i.e. time of the oldest data within the product.
    Format standard: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.mmmZ
  • End position (endPosition) – text/date+iso8601
    Acquisition end date time, i.e. time of the most recent data within the product.
    Format standard: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.mmmZ
  • Polarisation mode (polarisationMode) – text/plain
    Polarisation mode taken from codelist: ‘S’ (for single), ‘D’ (for dual), ‘T’ (for twin), ‘Q’ (for quad), ‘UNDEFINED’.
  • Polarisation channels (polarisationChannels) – text/plain
    For radars designed to transmit either vertically polarised or horizontally polarised radiation. This means that the electric field of the wave is in a vertical plane or a horizontal plane. Likewise, the radar can receive either vertically or horizontally polarised radiation, and sometimes both. The planes of transmitted and received polarisation are designated by the letters H for Horizontal and V for Vertical. Thus the polarisation of a radar image can be HH, for horizontal transmit, horizontal receive, VV for vertical transmit, vertical receive, HV for horizontal transmit vertical receive, and vice versa (VH).
    Possible values: ‘HH’, ‘HV’, ‘VH’, ‘VV’, ‘HH, VV’, ‘HH, VH’, ‘HH, HV’, ‘VH, VV’, ‘VH, HV’, ‘VV, HV’, ‘VV, VH’, ‘HV, VH’, ‘HH, HV, VH, VV’, UNDEFINED.

Category: Ground Information

  • Footprint (footprint) – application/gml+xml
    Boundaries of the frame. In addition to the constraints imposed by the GML type for linear rings, the coordinates shall be declared in a counter-clockwise order.

Category: Instrument

  • Instrument name (instrumentName) – text/plain
    The instrument name used for acquiring the data.
    Value: ‘Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar’.
  • Instrument short name (instrumentShortName) – text/plain
    The short name of the instrument.
    Value: ‘ASAR’.

Category: Orbit

  • Orbit number (orbitNumber) – text/integer
    Absolute orbit number to which the oldest data unit of the product refers.
  • Orbit direction (orbitDirection) – text/plain
    Acquisition orbit direction.

Category: Other

  • Filename (filename) – text/plain
    ZIP Package file name.
  • Product type (productType) – text/plain
    Product type.
    Value: ‘ASA_IM__0P’ or ‘ASA_WS__0P’.
  • Size (size) – text/plain
    Size of the package.
  • Format (format) – text/plain
    Format of the product.
    Value: ‘EOSIP’.

Category: Platform

  • Platform name (platformName) – text/plain
    The mission full name of the platform. This name is not a perfect identifier.
    Value: ‘Envisat’.
  • Platform short name (platformShortName) – text/plain
    The mission short name of the platform. This name is not a perfect identifier.
    Value: ‘N1’.
  • Platform serial identifier (platformSerialIdentifier) – text/plain
    The platform serial identifier is the sequence number of the platform among the mission. This serial identifier may follow different rules. It may start from 0 or 1, be Roman or alphabetical numbers, or a combination (e.g. ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘1A’, ‘B’, ‘IX’, etc.)
    Value: ‘1’.
  • Platform NSSDC identifier (platformNssdcid) – text/plain
    Univocally identifies the platform. The exact syntax and lexical space of this identifier is defined by the World Data Center for Satellite Information (WDC-SI), which depends on the NASA’s National Space Science Data Center. For each platform, the exact identifier is available from the mission name at the address: http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/nmc/sc-query.html.
    Value: ‘2002-009A’.

Category: Processing

  • Processing level (processingLevel) – text/plain
    The level of the last processing.
    Value: ‘LEVEL-0’.
  • Processing center (processingCenter) – text/plain
    Code of the center where last processing was performed.
  • Processing date (processingDate) – text/date+iso8601
    Date time of the last processing.
  • Processor version (processorVersion) – text/plain
    Version of the processor software used for the last processing.

Category: Sensor

  • Sensor type (sensorType) – text/plain
    Sensor type based on codelist.
    Value: ‘RADAR’.
  • Swath identifier (swathIdentifier) – text/plain
    Sensor mode. Possible values are mission specific.