Data Hub System

The Data Hub System is a Java web based system designed to manage the on-line dissemination of Earth Observation Satellites data. It was developed by a Serco and GAEL Systems consortium  with the European Space Agency in the frame of the Copernicus Programme. It provides a web Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow interactive data discovery and download, and a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to access the data via their own computer programs, scripts or client applications.

The Data Hub Service Scope covers the following services :

  • Copernicus Open Access Hub    open to any users (see below picture)
  • Collaborative Data Hub            open to european DHR (Data Hub Relays) and National Mirror Sites relays
  • Copernicus  Services Data Hub  open to the Copernicus Services projects
  • International Access Hub         open to specific partners from the European Commission such as NASA
  • DIAS Access Hub                                                                                                    open to the 4 DIAS platforms (Eumetsat excluded)

The Copernicus Open Access Hub (previously known as Sentinels Scientific Data Hub) provides complete, free and open access to Sentinel-1Sentinel-2Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P user products, starting from the In-Orbit Commissioning Review (IOCR).

Sentinel Data are also available via the Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) through several platforms , in particular ONDA DIAS co-developed by Serco and GAEL Systems (click here)

See dedicated site here

See latest open-source release on GitHub here