Data Request Broker

An Open-Source Java API for manipulating data. DRB is extensible, already supports hundreds of formats and makes data access development a friendly job.

The Data Request Broker – DRB API® is an Open-Source Java application programming interface for reading, writing and processing heterogeneous data. DRB API® is a software abstraction layer that helps developers in programming applications independently from the way data are encoded within files. Indeed, DRB API® is based on a unified data model that makes the handling of supported data formats much easier.

Programmed in Java language and embedding W3C standards, DRB API® provides a portable solution that remains powerful even on large data collections. Initially developed and well-tried for accessing satellite imagery for European Space Agency, DRB API® is the result of more than 20 years of expertise and know-how in data access programming. Thus, DRB API® provides a complete set of tools for solving simple and complex data access issues with minimum of engineering efforts.

DRB API® comes up with an XQuery engine that allows selecting and computing data across targeted files. It also provides an XML Schema validation facility that runs over supported formats. Moreover, DRB API® embeds implementations for accessing local file system, HTTP and FTP remote servers but also Jar, Tar or ZIP files. It includes implementations that access XML documents and binary files when these last are described through XML Schema documents. Extra implementations are available in DRB API® extensions or can be programmed by any developer.