Today some of the Earth Observation (EO) products from Copernicus Programme are accessible for free via the Open Access Hub, co-developed by GAEL systems and Serco SPA. The Open Access Hub is one of the Data Hub System instances accessible to all users. You can find 99 examples of the potential uses of the Copernicus Sentinel satellites and the Copernicus services data here http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/EarthObservation/copernicus4regions_2018.pdf.

Given the large size and the increasing number of EO products, downloading and storing those data on your premises are more and more costly and time consuming. This is why the European Commission entrusted the development of a platform called DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) to the European Space Agency, allowing any user (Space companies, Service providers, SME, researchers, students, individuals etc.) to access to petabytes of EO data on the cloud. Any user can also build its own applications in the cloud by renting Virtual Machines.

The European Commission funded 5 consortiums. 5 approaches for the same target : data is free, access to the data is free, only the computing capacity is not free of charge.

GAEL systems is part of the Serco SPA, OVH, Sinergise consortium that has developed ONDA DIAS and is operating it.


ONDA Overview

ONDA is a platform enabling users to host data and to build their applications in the Cloud.
ONDA achieves this by fostering the exploitation of the freely available Earth Observation satellites Data and geospatial Information and by providing Access to Services for the development of new solutions.

In order to facilitate the use of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information, ONDA provides the added values of:

  • full availability of all Copernicus data
  • customisable solutions for diverse requirements and levels of expertise
  • innovative data access technology (Elastic node Server) allowing users to easily extract only the needed product information

ONDA does this by offering free solutions to all users for easily accessing, downloading and processing a wealth of data and information as well as fee-based services that benefit from the performance of our Cloud environment.

Here you can find more information about ONDA.



ONDA relies on OVH cloud infrastructure and GAEL systems ENS (Elastic node Server). The ENS allows data to be retrieved from the data source, stored and ingested in a database. The access to data is easy thanks to a logical path.


Available products

The Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Envisat, Landsat-8, the Copernicus Services land, marine and atmosphere are already available on ONDA. In May 2019, the Sentinel-5p will also be available.

Each product type can be supported by ONDA DIAS thanks to the related addons developed by GAEL systems. The addons allow the ingestion, the dissemination and the browsing of those products.


Virtual path to products

The backend storage contains millions of products. Displaying the entire list of products via ENS interface to the end-user is not possible with a unique directory.
The ENS solution allows to spread products into directories hierarchy based on the anticipated usages of the end-users.
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The complete list of virtual paths for each addon is provided in section below.


ONDA Metadata

Each product of ONDA service is described by a set of metadata (acquision platform name, times, sensor mode, etc.) These metadata follow the HMA/OGC standard (see http://docs.opengeospatial.org/is/10-157r4/10-157r4.html).

The complete list of metadata for each addon is provided in following section.

List of Addons for ONDA

ONDA supports the following list of addons: